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Treatments For Diabetic Wounds

Mar 24, 2020 Health and Fitness

Diabetic wounds can be difficult to cure and heal slowly. If left untreated, they could become life-threatening. Some fifteen percent of diabetics may develop open sores in their body, largely on their lower legs and feet.

The doctor will offer and perform essential wound care treatment like debridement and offloading. You will normally have some leeway in shellfish as well as other maintenance.

wound care treatment

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1. Topical Antimicrobial Ointments

While not recommended for deep or severely infected wounds, topical treatments are always the first line of defense for a cure for diabetic wounds.

First, wash the wound carefully. Remove any loose debris or material. Rinse well with hydrogen peroxide. A dry wound is best treated using an oil-based ointment. 

2. Honey

Doctors for more than twenty years have employed honey or white sugar for treatment for slow to cure wounds. While it might seem odd, it's effective. It is also safe for diabetics as the glucose doesn't enter the bloodstream through the wound.

The glucose helps draw out the fluids of the wound, relieving swelling. When honey or sugar is packed into a wound, then it dissolves into wound fluids. This produces a supersaturated solution in which infectious bacteria can survive.

Pack medical honey or sugar to the wound covering it with less than a quarter-inch of sugar. Set the sponge over the wound and bandage comfortably. Scrub with saline and change every other day.