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The Hopper Bottom Fleet

Hopper bottom trailer fleet is distinguished by the gates around the underside used to haul heavy materials like gravel, sand, and crushed rock. You can get in touch with the expert for transportation with the hopper bottom trailer via

A base dump is used when the material has to be hauled to an opening on the floor like a grain facility. Sometimes, the bottom dump trailer may be employed to disperse aggregates within a flat surface like a build-pad or roadway.

The Hopper fleet has a range of qualities that set us apart from other fleets in the area.

Having an ordinary hopper era, we conduct one of their most modern fleets in the business. Our proprietary ecological tarp system ensures that your load will remain contaminant free while at precisely the same time keeping it completely found in the hopper trailer and observing all environmental regulations necessary to travel within EPA guidelines. 

Like most Logistics gear, your hopper load travels using air-ride technology. Off-load pneumatics, regular on all our hopper bottom trailers, help in delivering the contents of the load in a timely, effective way.

Speed, precision, and efficacy

Together with our hopper bottom fleet, you can float quicker and in tighter areas compared to our bottom dump trailers. Also, the bottom dump supplies a more powerful unloading approach not possible with end dump trailers.