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The Facebook Messenger Bot And It’s Customizations and Limitations

Facebook Messenger Bot is another new product by Facebook. It is not exactly a bot per se, but a program that allows users of Facebook to chat via a web browser instead of using their personal email client or a separate chat application. It makes messaging more fun, faster, and more convenient, as long as both users have an Internet connection and Messenger Bot is installed. Now, Facebook has plans to expand its messaging application to include other platforms, such as Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk. So far, it is only available in Facebook's own apps, such as Facebook, but it can eventually be downloaded by users from third-party apps.

Facebook Messenger Bot is a program that runs on Facebook's servers and not on the user's computer. Therefore, it is not visible to users or administrators on Facebook's server. This gives it a big advantage compared to other chat applications that are integrated with Facebook websites, as well as other social media websites like Twitter. For example, Twitter may integrate with Facebook photos and videos, but it cannot do the same with Messenger chat bots. Furthermore, Facebook Messenger Bot doesn't need to be installed per se, but it is still possible for a user to turn it on and off.

Facebook Messenger Bot has several limitations. First, only groups that are set up within the Facebook system can use it. In addition, only groups that have members can send messages. In other words, a group designed inside Facebook can only be used to chat. So, Facebook Messenger Bot cannot be used for group chat, video chat, voice chat, podcasting, and other group functions.

In addition, while Facebook Messenger Bot is already a popular program with Facebook's existing system, it cannot be used as-is. It has to undergo several improvements before being released as the final version. Currently, Facebook has several plugins that allow its users to interact with their Facebook accounts using chat bots. The new features introduced by Facebook will enable these existing features as well as the new ones to work better.

By the way, what are these customizations? Facebook Messenger Bot has a group chat plugin that allows two or more people in one chat room to communicate. The group chat customization allows you to specify a maximum number of friends that can be in the conversation. You can also limit who can leave messages; so, if there is someone who needs to contact you urgently, they can be excluded from the discussion.

Facebook Messenger Bot also has a mobile app and a web desktop. Both of them are similar in many respects, including their functionality. However, the mobile app lacks several advanced functions such as the ability to send images and files, and create QR codes. On the other hand, the web desktop version has everything that the Facebook Messenger Bot has, except for the image uploads.

In addition, this automated messaging application allows its users to do several tasks. For example, it enables the user to post messages on Facebook that are answered by a pre-written message template. The Bot responds to the posted messages and forwards them to the right users. It can even create voice broadcast messages to multiple contacts. Finally, it can even answer questions posted on Facebook.

To conclude, the Facebook Messenger Bot has several customizations, such as the welcome message, Bot avatar, and a group chat plugin. These customizations allow the Facebook Bot to perform better than an actual human. However, the biggest drawback is probably the delay time between when the customer service representative actually looks at the post and when the post appears on the timeline. This could become an issue if the representative uses a generic template for the responses. The Facebook Bot also has no option to post images, which is a limitation that can be seen as a downside rather than a plus, especially since images can be shared much faster through third-party sites.