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Make The Right Choice Between The Most Popular Turf Types

There are two major turf types: commercially produced turf and meadow. Each type has distinctive characteristics that have an immediate impact on quality and price. 

Commercially produced turf is the priciest one. It is cultivated on specific soils and includes certain grasses within it. The grasses selected are a mixture of different qualities. For high quality turf, you can also buy soft leaf Buffalo Turf and Qualturf via Sydney Turf Supplies.

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Commercially-made turf can adapt to specific temperatures, humidity levels, and other aspects of climate. So, regardless of whether you reside in a dry and sunny region or a colder zone with less sunshine, you can choose the appropriate varieties of turf that are suitable for your environment.

Meadow turf is derived from grasslands. This means that it could include any grass species, which includes weeds. The grasses that make up the meadow grass types aren't chosen nor tested or vetted by the company that makes them. 

That is, if you buy these types of turf you'll be importing all the grasses of one particular grassland straight onto your turf. The price of this turf is lower and many people opt to utilize it to lower their expenses. The homeowner must be aware of the fact that they'll need to manage the weeds as well be prepared for a less uniformly-textured and color turf.

The meadow grass will develop most effectively if it's in line with your region. So, if you are in a dry and sunny region, make sure you purchase turf varieties that were grown on soils with the right climate.