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A Few Tips on Moss Removal and Lawn Care

Use moss control products in early spring or late winter. Do not just rip out live moss. Moss spreads by spores which are released when ripped or torn out. Once the moss is dead you can tear it out by hand or rake it out with a stiff rake.

Remember though, if you are serious about your aversion to moss you must avoid overwatering or mowing too low. You can also get moss removal professionals in Vancouver online.

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Also, provide adequate drainage where there is free-standing water and don't forget to treat compacted soil, remove dead grass (thatch), and finally, fertilize regularly.

Now that the moss is gone you may notice a somewhat conspicuous bare area. Believe me, the moss wants to come back and nature really does abhor a vacuum.

So get some fescue or whatever sort of lawn you planted, rake the soil with a stiff rake, and re-seed.

Seeds need to be kept moist, so set your timer for five to seven minutes a day, every day for at least a week. If the seeded area appears light brown it is not getting enough water. Water it by hand if you have to, but keep it moist until you see sprouts.

Once the new grass gets started, don't forget to change the watering schedule back to 8 to 10 minutes, two or three times a week, depending on your climate. If you have too much water runoff, cut the water time in half, but then schedule another similar time about an hour later.