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Tag: Vitamin

When Is The Right Time For Intake Of Vitamin Supplements?

It is a very common notion that a person enjoying general good health does not require or needs to take a daily vitamin supplement. Undoubtedly the best way to address such a type of question is to analyze our lives on a long-term basis while remembering the fact that majority of grave illness (such as diabetes, cancer and heart related diseases) do not occur overnight but are the resultant of processes for over years.

The point of concern here is the timely recognition of the symptoms before the disease deepens its roots to an extent that complete recovery is not possible. You can also look for the best and right vitamin supplements by browsing at

This clearly defines the ever-growing trend and need to consume vitamin supplements as disease prevention is actually the key to maintaining optimal health.

Firstly, our modern-day lifestyle is far from ideal, then stress, lack of physical exercise and then habits like smoking and drinking along with the polluted air, water and adulterated food have an adverse effect on our health.

It is here that the Vitamin supplements come into the picture as only they are capable of much repair work. For instance, women possessing specific health needs pertaining to osteoporosis and birth defects can greatly benefit from the intake of vitamin and mineral supplements.

Precisely speaking lack of folic acid can lead to birth defects such as spina bifida and anencephaly so timely consumption of Vitamin- B rich supplements can be quite handy.

Calcium rich vitamin supplements can also be pretty instrumental in retaining strong bones and teeth in aging women who hold the risk of osteoporosis.