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Business Travel App – How it is Useful For the Users

My first business trip was in a country where people do not have English as their native tongue. I was terribly nervous when I reached there alone. Because I didn't know their language, therefore, all the time I make an apology for not knowing their language.

A colleague of mine who lived there said to me, no big deal brother we will manage. But, I am not feeling good because of not understanding their language. In some places, English has been taught as a second language and after the globalization of the world, it becomes the language of business deals.

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So began my International business trip with several mistakes along the way. When I came back and told them about the awkward situation to my boss then he realized that this is the biggest problem all business travelers have to face. After 2-3 days he conducted a brainstorming session with all my colleagues including me and discussed the situation. During the session, some members came and joined the session.

After the discussion was completed, my boss called those members for giving their introduction. They are the iPhone app developers from the renowned company Apple. One of the members came in front and asks us "How many of you are using an iPhone"?

It was a shock that up to ninety percent of us are using an iPhone. Then he asked about the iPhone uses and got the same answers from the users as they are using some ordinary mobile phone that is for clicking pictures, listening to music, sharing photos, ringtones, SMS, phone calls, playing games, doing social networking, etc.