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Top Reasons Why Canada Is A Popular Immigration Destination

Canada is the first choice for people in developing countries who wish to immigrate as it has a great opportunity for work and personal growth. It is known for a better quality of life and money. Here are some reasons people want to migrate to Canada.

This is the first country to introduce a points system. Canada's immigration program has attracted large numbers of immigrants over the past few decades. This in turn attracted the relatives and friends of the first immigrants. For this, the first immigrant has to move ahead with the proper traditional constitution sponsorship criteria so as to take their near and dear ones at their place.

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Due to loose rules and regulations and guidelines, it is easy for immigrants to qualify for permanent residency. Even during a global recession, Canada has not reduced its immigrant quota. Many other countries have directly or indirectly reduced the influx of immigrants since the recession. Studying in Canada is the entry point for most students applying for additional permanent residence.

Canada has a great visa program which is updated regularly as needed. Express Immigration to Canada is one of the most popular immigration programs. Federal immigration programs such as express entry with federal skilled worker permits, family sponsorship, provincial nomination programs, temporary work permits, business class immigration, Canadian experience programs, and internship permits. Most of them fall into eligible programs in Canada.

Canada offers dual citizenship, which means that immigrants can have the nationality of their home country as well as Canadian citizenship. Canadian citizens can travel to all major countries in the world without a visa.