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How to Easily Refinish Your Stair Treads and Railings

The stair treads and handrails that you have on your staircase could be one of the most commonly used and neglected objects within your home. They aren't easy to keep clean. The good news is that refinishing Handrails or Terrazzo Stairway Treads is like finishing any other piece of wood you have in your home and it's a simple task so you've got the proper materials and the time to finish the job.

terrazzo stair treads

When you are ready to refinish your rails and stairs it is crucial to thoroughly clean them. Utilize a mild cleaner as well as a sponge to scrub everything extremely well. 

The painter's taping is crucial for preventing the areas from getting stained that aren't supposed to get stained on the tape. Place newspapers around your staircase to protect yourself from drips from the stain that you'll use. 

It is suggested to utilize a handheld electric sander and after you finish, use the use of fine-grit paper to get rid of any rough places. 

Be sure that the can of stain is thoroughly shaken and mixed prior to you opening it. After that, soak a rag into the stain, and then squeeze it wearing gloves. Start applying the stain to the handrail and the wooden stair treads with the grain direction. Continue until the entire wood is covered. 

You will need to put on two coats or greater of sealant. You will have to let it be tested thoroughly between each coat. The final coat is required to dry for a minimum of 24 hours before the stairs can be utilized again. After the sealant is completely dry it is safe to remove the tape. When everything is completed you can relax and enjoy the stairs which look modern and new.