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Things To Look For In A Moving And Storage Company in Raleigh

Moving is one of the most stressful events in your life so you want to be careful when choosing a moving and storage company to ensure you get the one that best suits your needs. Choosing the right company that can help with what you need will take a lot of load off your shoulders so here are some things to look for when researching the Raleighs most trusted moving & storage company.

1. Free Estimates

If you hire a company to move your household, make sure they will come to your home and provide a free estimate. When they do, make sure you show them everything as a big item like a piano and a pool table can have a big effect on the bill.

2. Insurance

Make sure they have a good insurance policy in case you get lost or damaged items during transit. If you save the item for a long time, make sure you know about the insurance while in storage.

3. Packing

Some moving and storage companies will pack the items for you so if you want this service, be sure to know upfront if your company provides it. This, of course, will be at an additional cost.

4. Transportation

Make sure you get information about what the moving company will do. It may seem obvious to you that they will remove items from your old home and bring it to your new home, but you want to get certain to make sure you are both on the same page.

5. Placement

Find out in detail where your items will be placed when you get into a new home. You should have all your boxes marked as to the space you want them in and make sure that the driving instructions put them in their rooms as well as furniture that goes in each particular room.

Choosing the right moving and storage company can make your move a little easier and if you follow these tips, choosing the perfect company will be a breeze.