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Tag: Resin Flowers

The Charm of Flower Engagement Rings

Many couples believe the traditional rings for engagement are boring and cliché. Therefore, they opt for flowers in their engagement rings that are quite unique. 

The figural designs are ideal for all kinds of preferences due to their versatility and variety. In addition, it has the advantage that it's usually more affordable also.

The most common is an image of a flower-shaped ring. Many people imagine a cluster setting that resembles a daisy. However, the flower-shaped rings don't have to be restricted to this. There are many ways in which the floral motif could be used in a variety of rings. You can also buy resin blossom ring through various online websites. 

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There are four kinds that are engagement rings very popular including the filigree engagement ring as well as jewelry deco rings, Celtic rings, and engraving rings. In the intricate artistic design of the filigree rings, a delicate flowering vine is visible highlighting the gemstones in one or more flowers. 

The appeal of the engagement ring made from flowers is in the kind of design that is used to create it. The daisy flower is the easiest flower to use in flower rings. The central bud will be enclosed by evenly spaced, equally sized petals. 

There are many variations for this simple design, using various colors and sizes of semi-precious stones. There is also the option to add different flowers. It's relatively simple to make an elegant poinsettia using small pointed pearls. 

One sparkling gem could be able to replicate the look of a flower. Gorgeous roses cut directly from the metal of the ring with a tiny and stunning gemstone tucked inside can create an antique jewelry ring.