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All About Electricians Work & Education

In the modern construction of buildings, one of the duties of an electrician would be to ensure that low and high-voltage electrical wiring is installed correctly. It is required by the National Electrical Code that only qualified electricians are allowed to perform the wiring installations in construction sites that are commercial, residential, or industrial. 

In the process of installing electric systems, electricians are required to conduct electrical load calculations in accordance by using blueprints to specify the location of electrical load centers, outlets, circuits, panels with other electronic equipment. The top Electricians in Ellerslie must abide by regulations of the National Electrical Code and the local and state building codes.

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Electrician's Tools

Tools the electricians must have are conduit benders, screwdrivers, wire strippers, hacksaws, knives, and power and cordless tools like drills and saws.

Installing Conduit Systems

Electricians have to run conduits through the walls, partitions, and spaces that are concealed, as seen by the prints in blue. In Illinois as well as other states, it is mandatory to install metallic conduits and boxes to tighten connectors and couplings, and attach them securely to the walls for pulling the wires, and later the installation of outlets, switches. 

Different kinds of Electricians

Maintenance electricians working in factories may need to repair generators, transformers, machine tools, motors, and electronic controllers. Maintenance electricians primarily repair and maintain electrical equipment and upgrade existing electrical systems. 

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