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Tag: residential caulking

Which Caulk Does Professionals Use in Caulking Services?

Caulking, like painting, is a home improvement project that many assume is easy and requires no instruction. Most people don't know how to properly apply caulk. This can lead to a messy job. It is important to select a product that meets your needs.

Acrylic latex caulk

It is easy to wash with soap and water and is great for general purpose. It can be used in dry areas, or where it can easily be painted to protect from moisture. It is best used for indoors, like sealing around baseboards or wood moldings while performing professional caulking services.

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Silicone and latex caulk

This acrylic latex caulk is made with silicone added to improve its water resistance. Although it is paintable, it does not accept paint as well as regular latex caulk. This caulk is great for indoor and outdoor use. It can be cleaned with soap and water.

Pure silicone caulk

Premium caulk is more expensive and is best for showers and tubs that are high in moisture. Although it does not accept paint, it is available in a variety of colors to suit your needs. It is a solvent-based product and requires mineral spirits to clean it.

Caulk for Masonry Repair

This flexible caulk is used to seal seams in concrete slabs, stucco and brickwork. There are two types: one that is latex-based and another that is solvent-based. Both require cleanup with mineral spirits.

It is important to choose the right caulk gun and dispensing device. You can buy caulk in squeeze tubes or cartridges that you load into a caulk gun. The pros typically use cartridges and a smooth-action caulk gun to save money and achieve the best results.