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Tag: prefabricated steel framing system

All About Prefabricated Steel Framing System

Prefabricated steel systems are made from pre-engineered steel. Fabrication takes place in a controlled environment within the factory before being sent to the client for assembly.

Prefabricated is a different type of construction than traditional construction. You can also get more information about prefabricated steel framing systems via

prefabricated steel framing system

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The Advantages Of Steel Framing System

Strength & Durability

Structural steel components can be lighter and more durable than weight-bearing timber or concrete products. The typical weight-bearing steel fabrication weighs 30% to 50% less than the equivalent in wood. Steel frame construction is far stronger than traditional wood frames and has a longer life expectancy.

Easy Fabrication In Different Sizes

Steel studs come in many sizes and can also be made to order. They can be customized to carry specific loads in different buildings.

Fire resistance 

steel frame buildings contain fire protective anti-flame coatings that are added onto the structural steel beams when being fabricated. This helps to reduce the overall fire risk of a building.


Steel structures are flexible, and can be designed according to specific requirements. This allows a steel structure to withstand earthquakes and heavy winds, particularly in tall towers or bridges.

steel's ability to span greater distances with steel ceiling joists. This enables architects to grow their choices, allowing them to make new/huge space utilizing steel items that weren't accessible with different materials.