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Tag: Predictive Dialler

Predictive Diallers – What You Should Know

What is the chance of actually reaching someone when you press the number of them? Chances are very low that you will be connected to the right people at the first attempt – you often reach voicemail, answering machines, busy signals or no answer at all! It is very frustrating for those who work in companies that make outgoing calls – could not connect the call requires a lot of time and are very unproductive.

To help with this problem, some innovative ideas have sprung up over the years. The initial solution is an automatic dialer – to call pre-programmed numbers at one touch of a button – something similar to the speed dial. More advanced devices call appear as soon as it is designed for call center or company that handles outgoing calls – this large-scale automatic dialer preview, progressive dialer, and predictive dialer. You can get your own predictive dialler here

The dialer preview works by the agent who initiates the call by clicking on the telephone number that has been programmed into the dialer – this ensures that the agent will be available if a connection is made. Phone agents see call information before a call is made and can decide whether to start the call or not.

The progressive dialer monitors the status of the agent, and only makes outgoing calls when the agent is available to receive calls. The time of the call attempt is determined by the device, not the agent. Progressive dialing presents contact information to the call center agent before dialing a telephone number.