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Choosing A Physical Therapist? Avoid These Mistakes

It's never fun when injuries and pain occur, but if they do then you need to know how to determine the right physical therapist for you. You can also find the best therapist in Owings Mills MD via

Avoiding the following mistakes will ensure that you optimize your recovery and experience:

1. Don't Rely On An Old Reputation

We all know the local hospital, the local clinic of a large rehabilitation center, or a large local clinic. If the main facility is dedicated solely to inpatient rehabilitation after surgery, it should be dedicated only to outpatient physiotherapy, right? Not necessarily.

It's important to know how individual your caring will be. The larger the clinic, the more likely it is that you will switch between therapists during treatment.

Physiotherapy is a very personal, practical medical discipline and you deserve to be treated with face-to-face contact.

2. Understand The Physiotherapist's Philosophy For Rehabilitation

Is the therapist primarily focused on managing the pain of your condition? Is it primarily about reinforcement? Or does the balanced approach change depending on your circumstances and where you are in the recovery process?

Too many patients ignore this and find their symptoms treatable, but the underlying cause is ignored. This can cause your condition to come back instead of fixing it permanently.

It is important to understand the typical treatment plan that the therapist will provide you and make sure you are comfortable dealing with the symptoms and causes of your condition.

3. Check The Therapist's Credentials

Every physical therapist or physical therapy assistant must be licensed by the state where they live. You should check the therapist's license and facilities on your state's licensing website.

Finally, ask your therapist what additional certifications they have. All therapists are orthopedic specialists and can say that they specialize in a particular area.