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Perimeter Drains In Vancouver : Is Your Home Protected?

If you're looking to build or buy a home, particularly in any area that is damp or prone to basement flooding, one important aspect of your home will be the perimeter drains.

Perimeter—or French—drains are drainage ditches covered with gravel to direct water away from certain areas like foundations. While French drains used to be constructed using spaced tiles, they are now generally constructed with perforated plastic pipes that can carry larger volumes of water and allow water drainage out the entire length of the pipe as well. You can also search online for perimeter sewerage in Vancouver.

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A perimeter drain around your foundation's perimeter is intended to collect water that would otherwise collect around the structure and wick within, potentially resulting in an extremely moist basement or crawl area. 

Additionally, a drain that has been built around the internal perimeter of the basement can be employed. The rationale behind the inner drain is that, unlike the exterior perimeter drain, it won't need to be cleaned out after several years of use and that any repairs can be handled simply because it is located inside.

Knowing more about an existing drainage system will help you be more prepared to make any necessary repairs to it after moving into the house. Additionally, learning more about drainage systems in general will help you be more knowledgeable when it comes time to install one in a home you are building.