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Tag: Organic Cotton Clothing Benefits

Wear Organic Cotton Clothing and Save The Environment

Recently, an upsurge has been observed in demand for organic cotton clothing throughout the world. But considering the overall production of cotton and cotton yarn, this shift is too small for environmental lovers to rejoice. For someone who doesn't know, it's important to first understand why organic cotton is better than ordinary cotton for people's health and the planet before they can appreciate the increase in organic cotton demand.

Cotton is one of the most susceptible plants to insects and pests so that cotton farmers use many insecticides and pesticides to protect it. About 25% of the world's insecticides and more than 10% of pesticides which also include herbicides and defoliants are used by cotton. You can choose the organic cotton pullover for getting organic fabric benefits.

Just to give you an idea of how toxic this pesticide and what they do to us and our planet, let me quote you an incident. In 1999, some workers re-entered the cotton field about five hours after being treated with Tribufo and Sodium Chlorate. Seven people must immediately seek medical treatment afterward and five of them must undergo long-term health problems. They should take away for 24 hours. 

We must choose organic cotton because of maintaining planetary health and its residents by reducing exposure to fatal chemicals of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers that enter the food chain through the soil, air, and water. The health problems produced can range from asthma to cancer.