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Tag: modern luxury lighting

How To Make The Best Use Of Vintage Industrial Lighting?

Vintage industrial lighting is one of the best ways to add a touch of elegance and luxury to ordinary spaces such as a warehouse or a ho-hum apartment. This lighting variety gives an edge to the space.

They are reclaimed from a factory and are used, as modern luxury lighting in the houses and office spaces. They may serve as a focal point for an array.

There are countless vintage lightning varieties such as metal stage lights, cylindrical lamps, lamps protected by metal cages. These lighting varieties are perfect for bathrooms, outdoors, and hallways. They add drama to the space.

The briefings listed below highlight how vintage lighting can be best used for different spaces-


Vintage lighting adds drama to a simple kitchen. There are so many designs and styles to choose from, that you can easily find one complementing your kitchen space. Whether your kitchen features stainless, white granite, woods, or any other modern finish adding these antique elements will enhance the look of the array.

It makes a perfect fit near the stainless steel counter and the lower shelves. A single light can give you a feeling of ancient times and combined with the modern home decor it looks more beautiful.

Living Room

Installing a vintage lighting variety into your living space is a great idea, indeed. A vintage wall lamp can be used to highlight the wall or the back door of the room. 

The industrial effect created by these lightning systems makes a perfect combination with pale flooring, upholstered white dining chairs, and warm wooden table. If you are an antique lover then vintage light will surely attract you with its beauty.