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Common Mistakes People Make While Sanitizing Their Homes

Keeping the house disinfected is a prior thing. It will be risky for you and your family if you neglect this duty of yours. There are many types of known methods for disinfecting or sanitizing a particular place. Aside from professional experts, when a common man tries to disinfect his home, he makes some common mistakes. So you should learn about the common mistakes:

Don't neglect the disinfection of curtains and mattresses

People always pay attention to floors, bathrooms, kitchens, carpets, rugs, and furniture, but they forget about curtains and mattresses. They can contain as much dust as carpets and furniture. So, you should not neglect mattress sanitization at all. Now, you shouldn't just depend on spring cleaning of curtains and mattresses. Vacuum your mattresses at least twice a year.

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Do not disinfect your home while windows and doors are closed

If you disinfect your home, keeping doors and windows closed can cause fatal effects. The chemicals you will use release certain gases if you inhale them, which can affect your health. Open windows and doors allow fresh air to enter the home and balance fatal gases. Therefore, whenever you plan to disinfect a particular place in your house, you must first open all the doors and windows and make it an open space.

Do not mix wrong disinfectants for disinfection

In chemistry, we study that a bad chemical reaction causes the formation of the wrong compounds or discharges the wrong gases. You should also consider this. Disinfectants are nothing more than chemicals. So if you mix the wrong disinfectants, it can cause dangerous reactions. You should avoid mixing bleach and ammonia. Releases gaseous chlorine that causes respiratory irritation to those who inhale it directly.