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Tag: laser stretch mark removal treatment

Laser Stretch Mark Removal – Understanding How It Works

Laser stretch mark removal is one of the most effective options for removing stretch marks (also known as stretch marks) once they appear. This procedure works differently on different scars and can help improve skin tone and smoothness.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for stretch marks absolutely, but the results with laser surgery are among the best. The disadvantages of this therapy include the cost and possible post-procedure discomfort.

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How does laser removal work?

Since stretch marks are basically a form of scarring, removal of uncomfortable scars is performed in a similar way to laser scar removal. This process involves shining a focused light or laser onto the skin at the area where the stretch marks are used.

This light-induced disturbance of the skin stimulates the body to initiate a healing response. By activating this response, the goal is to stimulate the skin to relax and the scar area to be located.

The process itself shouldn't be painful, but the high intensity light causes superficial damage that triggers a healing reaction. As a result, there may be slight tenderness and redness after laser removal.

What Types of Stretch Marks are Best for Laser Treatment?

Basically all stretch marks are treatable, but white stretch marks respond very well to laser treatment. For noticeable results, you may need various laser therapies to see significant improvement.