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Working with a Fianc Visa Lawyer

Television has shown us many immigrant stories. Although they seem to assume that it is easy to become a citizen by simply marrying, it isn't. If you are not a citizen, a fiance visa lawyer will be necessary. Your immigration lawyer will guide you through each step of the immigration process to obtain a stamp for your passport as a fiance visa. 

It is a complicated and tedious process to bring someone into the country to marry you. Immigration lawyers are crucial to completing your task. A visa counsel is essential from the very beginning of your application. There are many steps involved in obtaining the legal documentation that will be attached once a passport is obtained.

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A lawyer who specializes in visa law will be able to help you navigate all the hoops and loopholes. You can stay in the normal timeframe of between five and twelve months with his assistance. You might even be able to buy him a little extra time. He can see the delays coming and help you avoid them. He will verify your information before submitting it to the grant authority.

One alarming statistic is the fact that between forty and sixty percent of fiance visas do not get approved. For any type of immigration process, even those who wish to enter the United States for work, school, or personal reasons, the same professional knowledge is required. It is almost always better to have a lawyer at the beginning than trying to do it alone. 

Professionals who have been involved in the process for many years know the secrets to expediting the process. There is also the possibility of your paperwork being pushed through by someone without representation.