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Tag: Digestive Health

Essential Minerals and Vitamins

The health of a human being is dictated by the inherent genetic make-up of an individual and by the vitamins and minerals that are consumed. As humans, we can do nothing to alter what we may have inherited genetically, but we strive to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Aside from proper exercise, we must also adapt a good diet of the essential minerals and vitamins that we may obtain from food.

However, in this day and age, the food we have the most access to come in the processed form and so all the essential nutrients that we need, are extracted, thus lacking the minerals and vitamins that our body needs. It is therefore essential to develop healthy eating habits and obtain the nutrients by the minerals and vitamins that we consume day to day.

Vitamins A, C, D, E and B6 and supplements of the minerals iron, selenium, zinc, and magnesium help to strengthen the immune system – which is the body's form of defense against disease and pathogens. All these vitamins and minerals are essential for the human body.

Vitamin E is a life saver. It is an antioxidant which can prevent and reduce the risk of cancer. Vitamin E helps blood from clotting maintaining the liquid form.

Foods that contain Vitamin E supplements are pistachio, hazel nuts, almonds, shrimp and soybeans. Vitamin A is found in foods such as green vegetables, yellow and red fruits, and yellow and orange vegetables. Vitamin C is found in a lot of citrus fruits, the acai berry, broccoli and cauliflower just to name a few.  If you want to buy best health care supplement then you can also look for: A1suppz.

Vitamin C is known to resist infection and also helps in the absorption of iron. Fish liver oils, eggs, liver and fish such as mackerel and tuna are rich sources of vitamin D. Vitamin D aids in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus as well as strengthening bones and teeth.