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Viable Options For Covering Popcorn Ceiling Material

If you've lived with old textured ceiling types for years and are now ready to start a remodeling or remodeling project but want a change, the first step is to remove or hire a contractor to overhaul the old popcorn texture to remove. From there, all the gutters in the drywall will be repaired and the cleaning of the room will be complete. Once you have completed these steps, it is time to complete the installation or application of the new ceiling.

While finishing the texture of the ceiling by covering it with a popcorn blanket saves time and money, it is also useful if the texture has been tested and contains asbestos. As asbestos was widely used in popcorn before 1978, when the cancer was eroded, it created dust particles in the air and was very dangerous. However, if the asbestos material is not damaged, there is no risk. If the ceiling is to be equipped with drywall for this type of scenario, a highly qualified and licensed professional such as BARRISOL RYAN for Stretch Ceilings in NSW, VIC & ACT must be employed.

14 Ways to Cover a Hideous Ceiling: Unique Ceiling Ideas

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One way is to spray a new texture directly onto the old ceiling. This will give you a nice textured ceiling and depending on the type of spray on the material used, the ceiling can even be painted. This of course gives you an advantage because you can choose various ceiling colors for a more personal look. The improvements will be felt immediately and give the room a new look.

Another way to cover the ceiling with popcorn is to use Paris stucco. Once fully dry, it also offers a nice texture that can be left unchanged, or you can consider a variety of colors such as warmness and character in the room.