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The Best Cotton For Your Bedding

Luxury bedding usually feels unbelievably soft and comfortable. One of the reasons is because the fabric they are made of employs a high thread count. You can also bye

But another reason may be due to the fact that they use Egyptian cotton. There are many products made from cottons such as clothing and baby diapers but when it comes to bedding, Egyptian cotton is the best. So let's look at some of the reasons why it is the best.

First, Egyptian cotton comes from the far-east in Egypt. The place in which it is growing is very hot and humid which happens to be the best growing condition for cotton.

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The moisture and heat allow the cotton puffs to grow long and fibrous. Regular cotton may only come in strands of 0.5 inches while the cotton from Egypt can be 1 or 2 inches in length.

This extra length adds to its softness and makes it very easy to spin. For luxury bedding, this is the ultimate choice.

Another benefit is that it absorbs dyes much easier and retains their color much brighter. Many lower-quality cotton products have a hard time absorbing color and tend to fade quite quickly.

Cotton can grow just like this in other hot and humid places of the world but usually, it isn't. Not to mention the fact that Egyptian cotton is a trademarked brand.

You will know if it is true Egyptian cotton by looking at your bedding for a triangle that looks like the pyramids. On the dark triangle is a picture of a white cotton shrub.

This tells you that this 100% cotton product was made in Egypt with the best cotton in the world or so it is debated.