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Tag: cotton swab

Surprising Uses for Cotton Swabs

If you put cotton in your ear, you are using it wrong. While ideal for inserting into the ear canal, cotton swabs are never designed to go deeper than the outer part of your ear, and when they do, they can cause serious damage to your hearing. That doesn't mean it doesn't make sense to have them at home: From beauty to housework to crafts, here are some smart and safe uses for cleaning products.

Shine Jewellery:

When it comes to cleaning valuables like jewelry, 'recycled q tips' are the perfect tool. The cotton edge is soft enough to process the precious material and keep it looking new. After soaking your jewelry in the cleaning solution, rub it gently with your finger and wipe the extension area with a reusable cotton swab.

Clean Electronics:

The nooks and crannies of your computer keyboard and the sides of your phone case—known as the surfaces you touch every day—are polluting magnets. If you can't remember the last time you cleaned electronics, take the time to clean them with a cotton swab as soon as possible.

Cotton swabs are designed to clean delicate areas of skin, making them ideal for cleaning expensive personal items. They're also the perfect size for reaching those tight corners where annual dust and grime like to hide. Soak the tip of a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol before you begin cleaning.