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Tag: Contemporary Art Paintings

What is Art and What Do We Get From Canvas Paintings?

The most straightforward question is "What is art for?" A simple answer might be that "art is decoration", but this ignores a host of important and elementary meanings. The history of art is filled with fantastic examples of canvas paintings showing disturbing and violent imagery. You can look for the best contemporary artworks online at

There is no doubt that the canvas paintings have their aesthetic goals and adorn every wall where they hung, but the role of art has more aspects:

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1. The art of communicating emotions, feelings, and taught us history. Past events delivered through the art of the times when there was no photography or other media that can be used to capture the moment and memory.

2. Artists have for hundreds of years indulged in their fantasies. Reality can be redefined. Artists can enjoy express sensuality and passion and desire that comes from within.

3. Art provides creative channels and allows the artist to channel their talents, thoughts, and emotions. Many famous artists are eccentric old masters, some even a little crazy, but in front of the easel with the palette, they are all geniuses.

4. Pop art paintings reveal consumerism and iconic images of the perspective. every day brands and famous people, including Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe have been glorified. pop art is about what makes us tick as a society and pop art paintings are a reminder that as a society, we buy into so much.