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Tag: computer routine maintenance

Having Your Computer Serviced

True, most computer owners don't understand that computers, like cars, need regular maintenance. Although routine computer maintenance is usually much busier than a car and less expensive; Taking care of your computer is essential to maintaining a healthy, smooth, and trouble-free computer.

Mostly, routine maintenance for computers involves the inside of your computer case and the CPU heatsink, as well as the dust that the fans clean from accumulated dust. You can repair your computer every twelve months.

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Other support services that may be provided during the service of your computer may also include:

Image file reversal and backup: If the operating system is "dirty" or very disorganized, defragmenting the hard disk sometimes doesn't help. So if the reseller or computer technician is smart enough to take a clean archive shot of your computer. 

Hard Drive Fragmentation: Over time, your hard drive files become fragmented or messy, and while defragmenting your hard drive is a simple process, many of us just don't have the time to do it. Of course, while your computer is not being serviced, the hard drive will have to be defragmented.

Hardware Check: This may sound strange to most people, but for us computer enthusiasts, there may be signs of imminent breakdown. Therefore, as part of regular maintenance of your computer, a thorough hard drive and RAM check should be the last check on the health of your computer.