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How to Prevent Home Accidents for Your Child

Apart from being a true playground adventure, the house is also a risk for children. Falls, burns, poisoning, drowning, all, are accidents that occur daily. Knowing that an accident at home is the main cause of death among children, there are several precautions to be taken.

Precautions to take in the kitchen

• Keep cleaning products away from children and choose products with a child resistance packing. You can also buy the best child proof zipper bags on 

• Keep dangerous objects such as knives, scissors, matches out of reach from children; systematically store them after use. Equip small doors of blocking systems. Also, store the plastic bags to avoid any risk of suffocation.

• Burns are second in the danger list, so when you cook, notice your child. When the fire is on, turn the tail of pans inwards, place hot dishes, bowls of coffee and others out of their reach.

Prevention in the bedroom

• Blankets and pillows can suffocate an infant, prefer the sleeping bag. Choose a bed with close bars enough to not let the child stuck his head. Bunk beds are not recommended for young children.

• To avoid the risk of falling, never leave a baby alone on a changing table. 

• Choose toys that are suitable for the age of the child and check their status regularly.

• Do not leave children alone with pets, because you will never be able to predict a cat or dog reactions facing a newborn baby. In general, it is also preferred that the animals remain outside the room.