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Why Antique Lamps Are Conversation Pieces?

An antique lamp adds elegance and a sense of warmth to any room. These lamps are great additions to a living or dining room. They not only reflect your personality but also make great conversation pieces. There's nothing better than this.

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The lava lamps are perhaps the most well-known of all antique lamps. It's becoming harder to find authentic lava lamps from the sixties and fifties. You won't find the same quality in knockoffs you can buy in hardware stores for as much as those that are available online or at antique shops. 

The reason is that the newer replicas are often smaller than the original lava lamps, which were tall enough to reach your knees at times. Their design is often not as attractive and they sometimes contain glitter rather than "lava". The Atomic Age design is sure to be a conversation starter if you can find a genuine lava lamp from the fifties.

The passion for chandeliers made from deer antlers is one of the most popular antique lamp trends. They date back to the 1890s and continue on through today. These were used as standard lamps fixtures in Europe in medieval times. 

Keep in mind, however, that these deer chandeliers are not always politically correct. This type of item is being sold by unscrupulous sellers who claim it's made from found antlers, but in reality, they are taking the antlers out of living deer. This is a huge problem.

The classic ceramic black panther lamp, which is becoming harder to find but was once a common sight on television sets around the world, is now rare and difficult to find. It is covered with a shade made of glitter-pressed paper.