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Safeguarding Against the Flu Using Face Masks

During the period of the flu outbreak, people are looking for ways to stay safe. There are many rumours out there as to what works and what does not. Washing hands often, wearing masks and using hand sanitizer are just some precautionary steps that people use to remove germs from their bodies.

The best way to avoid the flu is to avoid the communal areas and crowded environment in which the virus can spread. However, not all people have the choice to stay at home and wait. Work, school and travelling take us into areas such as aeroplanes, schools, and shopping centres which are all risky areas.

One way to reduce your chances of getting infected with the flu virus is to wear a mask. The effectiveness of masks varies with several factors, including how you wear it, what type you pick out, and using proper disposal techniques. There are several different types of face masks. You can also check out cotton fact face mask with filters at

There are soft, flexible masks that tie around the head. It generally comes at a cheap price and comes in large numbers. This is often referred to as a medical mask. A second and more expensive type of mask is the form-fitting type that is precast to fit comfortably around the face for a snug fit. This type is made of thin fibres that work to filter out particulates that enter when breathing.

Surgical masks are intended to protect physicians from mucus and other fluids that are projected into the air by the patient. They are able to filter out 95 per cent of the small particles and are effective against the flu virus. When you have your mask, it is important to put it on properly so it works right. Put the mask on your face and tie up snugly.