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Working Your Abs with Ab Exercise Ball

Have you ever been to the gym and watched a big rubber ball in the corner? Are people really working on their abs? It's called AB training ball, and it really serves to target the stomach.

In fact, you will get a much better exercise, and in a shorter time, on the AB ball than you do by the crunch and other AB exercises on the floor.  You can buy exercise balls through

ABS is targeted perfectly because helping the ball gives your body when you lean. You can press back to the ball, for example, to really make your stomach together. When you are on the floor, you can't move at all, so you can only make it very close.

There are many exercises you can do on the AB ball. Most people think you can only do your front ABS. But it's not true. It might not look, but the big inflatable ball is very flexible. You can use it to work your upper abs, your lower abdomen, and you can work better and faster than floor exercises.

Do you buy your AB ball in a fitness store, or you use your gym, make sure the ball increases correctly. The ball should not be so tight so it doesn't give it at all, but you also don't want it. You want a good balance.

Once you are sure the ball has enough air, lying down with your back against your ball and your feet on the floor, and your hands behind your head. You are in a crisis position, just as you will do on the floor. Slowly come and your crunch ABS together.

Most people are surprised by how burning they get, and fast, with AB balls compared to AB machines or just doing it on the floor. It is because it is very effective for working on your abdominal muscles to their maximum capacity.