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Designing an Impressive Business Card

Any marketing campaign should include a business card. Because of its cost and magnitude, it is the most profitable aspect of a marketing campaign. Your company's narrative cannot be told entirely on your business card. It is feasible to present a memorable image based on personal experience.

The initial impression clients have of your company can be made or broken by your commercial card. This card is as important as your personal appearance, whether it's the suit you wear or the briefcase that you keep.

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Choose a card design that suits your business, industry, and personal style. For example, if you are a funeral director, you don't want to be seen presenting UV business cards that have animated figures on them all. 

A black-on-white, linen business card with animated figures on it is likely to be dropped in your nearest circular file if you're a technician who specializes in transforming old styles. Start with the design and style that best supports your business image when creating a design. Here are few card styles you might want to consider.

Simple cards

Simple cards are usually printed in black ink on plain or white stock. This style is great for when utility is all you need. This is a straightforward approach that will catch the attention of prospects and clients. It does not require fancy design features. It's simple in design, while the information and facts are clear and concise.

Photo cards

Your face can be printed on a card, whether it is a photo, a drawing, or even a cartoon. This helps to convey a message that will be remembered by the person who was affected. Images can help you communicate your business better than words. It is often helpful to include a little color on the picture card.