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Tag: building construction law

All You Need To Know About Construction Law


The law introduced during the construction of a structure is called as construction law. This law is important to ensure the work of construction goes smoothly without any problems. This law is considered to gall under 3 laws; state, local and federal. In order to maintain a noise level from the worksite, local construction law comes into the picture. Safety regulations for the environment are based on state construction. And maintaining proper safety at the worksite is based on federal law.

Construction law also exists to solve disputes in case it arises. Let’s now focus on some of the terms related to the law of construction.

  1. Contractor –The person who takes sole responsibility for the construction of a structure is called a contractor. The contractor, however, first needs permission from the local or state government before the construction work starts.
  2. Mechanics Lien – The construction company that puts a charge for building a structure is called as a mechanics lien. This is to ensure that everyone related directly with the construction project gets paid on time.
  3. Defect – A fault that occurs during the stage of constructing a structure is called as a defect.
  4. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) – OSHA is a government agency that maintains and focuses on safety and health measures at the worksite.

This is the definition of construction law along with its terms. Investing in commercial property will require you to hire a construction lawyer who knows about the building construction law. So, make sure you hire the best lawyer.