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Tag: broadcast tower guy wire

Selecting & Installing Guy Wires

Consistent, safe support from antenna installation More than 10 feet above the top wall bracket or roof installation depends on how well the guy's cable is installed. The correct installation procedure is relatively simple. However, only the best quality materials and careful installations will provide sturdy, safe, durable support.

Installation Of Guy Wire

The ingredients needed for the standard guy's wire installation are Guy Wires, men's rings, screw eyes, and turnbuckles. Six-strand, 18 or 20 galvanized steel wire gauge is recommended for general use. (Wire 18 gauge is recommended for high wind areas and installation of more than 20 feet. Above the top support.)

The standard masts antenna (10 feet) only requires a set of three guy's cables. Telescoping poles generally need 4 men cables for every 10 feet. This will provide the extra power needed for most installations. You can telecast tower guy wire that utilizes magnetic flux leakage to peer through the steel to locate loss of metallic area inside the guy or any wire rope.

tower inspection

Guys cable is attached to the top of each pole part with a guy's ring and clamp. The ring and clamp are installed on the pole before the antenna is installed. The tip of the pole from the men's cable is run through a hole in the men's ring. The wire is then wrapped in at least six times.

Ideally, the guy's cables must stretch from the pole at a 45 ° angle and must be anchored in the eye screw which is 120 °. (If four guy cables are used, they must be anchored with a 90 ° screw eye apart.) Make sure every eye screw anchored strongly on solid wood at least five feet from the base of the pole.