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Green Tea & White Tea – How Are They Distinct From One Another?

Green tea is very popular among drinkers because of its many health benefits. However, white blends are also gaining popularity in the beverage market. If anyone wants to find these two guys then Darjeeling is the best place.

One can find Darjeeling green and white tea at wholesale prices from renowned companies online. Now, there are certain differences between these two variants. Very few people actually know them. There are differences in caffeine content, processing, price, health benefits, and so on. You can contact the best wholesale tea companies via

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Let us distinguish these kinds of blends from diverse aspects:


Understanding the processing technique is essential when a person wants to know about different tea varieties. First, one should note that all teas are produced from leaves of Camellia Sinensis. So, their classification is not dependent on raw materials. It is the processing method that creates the difference.


The general belief is, white blends contain less caffeine than green brews might be a fact. But, there are other factors that also determine caffeine extraction. For instance, if teas have more young buds, then caffeine content is more. Again, steeping also matters. 

If someone steeps tea for a long time, then with an increase in temperature more caffeine will be extracted. So, generalizing the level of caffeine on the basis of blend types is not a good idea.