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What Is The Difference Between Reading and Studying The Bible?

 Reading the Bible is great! Studying the Bible is better! This article is intended to educate and inspire the reader to have a deeper relationship with God. To make sure we were on the same page a little job definition is needed. You can have comprehensive Bible study online via internet sources.

What is Reading?: Reading the Bible means reading the words on the page and finding meaning in it. For people who just read, the Bible does not have a life. No notes were taken or recorded impressions. If people receive a blessing it is soon forgotten.

What is Learning?: Learning is a process by which one carefully and thoughtfully spend time in their Bible; a method that includes observation, interpretation, and application with pen and paper in hand. Words began to take shape and impress on readers and they apply it into their lives. Notes were taken for reviewing and comparison for future studies. It is a great learning experience! 

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What is the difference?: There are three main differences between reading and studying. Attitude, methods, and life-changing experience where they differ. Let's look at each one.

An attitude of reverence separates the two terms. When a student of the Bible upholds the Scripture, they will be keen to carefully search the pages. They want to look over all of the books or other media. They will want to know the Bible, the Bible talk, quote the Bible, studying the Bible, and sharing the Bible.

An easy to follow method can be seen as the difference between learning and reading. It is a good method and is simple enough that they can easily be forwarded. The Bible is not meant only for scholars or ulama.