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How To Select The Right Air Compressor

Air compressors are used in industry and are often considered the "fourth supplier" in most facilities. So before you invest the money take some time to learn these basics of compressed air.

Knowing these basics can speed up the selection process and improve the selection of the most efficient and economical air compressor system. 

You will be better informed to speak with an air compressor sales representative about your needs. This is the volume of air. To find more about the air compressors visit

air compressors

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COMPRESSOR LOCATION: These terms relate to the physical location of your compressor to other equipment, noise level, and ventilation requirements. 

Compressor pressure must exceed the PSI requirements of all compressed air tools or devices in operation. You want to make sure that your compressor is successfully delivering the air you need for ALL of your devices. 

Plant air: Instrument air, general plant air Instrument air: Laboratory, paint spraying, powder coating, Process air: Food and pharmaceutical process air, electronics Respiratory air: Hospital air systems, filling stations for immersion tanks, tank cleaning, and/or sandblasting. 

Before specifying an air compressor, identify the available incoming electrical services. Always ask a qualified electrician to check electrical requirements. You may need to renew your electrical services.

You can now view all the information gathered for your air compressor and speak with an authorized air compressor dealer. With important information at hand, you can make a reasonable and affordable decision.