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Office plants will transform your business!

Dec 6, 2020 Home and Garden

plant for hire Melbourne

The presence of green plants or flowers around you can be very calming. In the hectic office environments of today’s world, office plants are often a welcome addition to the decor. They will have a genuine influence on your employees and visitors and potential customers.

Office plants are also very beneficial for the health of your employees because plants can do wonders for the body.

Types of Office Plants

There are a vast multitude of options available in office plants. You can choose plants like cascade palm, Zanzibar gem, liriope or rhapis palm or flowers like bromeliads, phalaenopsis orchids or anthuriums. These plants or flowers can be presented in a unique way using plant walls. Screens that are traditionally used to divide the space in the office into cubicles and departments can be replaced by “living dividers”, or walls that are a series of slots for potted plants.

Designing Your Office Interior With Plants

Framing office plants has also emerged as a new trendy alternative to traditional wall art, helping to save floor space. The pots for your plants also come in a variety of designs like pods/megapods, cubes, cones, wedges, coral, troughs, desktop planters, and hanging planters. Maintenance for the plants is also often a part of the services offered by office plant businesses, but if you think that it would be a hassle, you can go for a beautiful silk flower arrangement.    

If you have a business located in Melbourne, plant for hire can supply you with greenery and transform your office!