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Nonverbal Communication – Successful Way Relationships

Researchers from interpersonal communication have found that only 7% of the meaning of the attitude of the message comes from the words and staggering 93% comes from nonverbal cues. You can search more information about non violent communication via

Nonverbal Communication - Successful Way Relationships

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Every one of us, sometimes in life we may have observed explanations smart people for not keeping his word about meeting work schedules or honor its commitment on payment and say to others, 'what people have to say it seems logical, but the mind My mind says it's not true and it proved right sooner or later.

 Its inner thoughts may be nothing but your eyes, which have observed a liar's body language displayed by him unconscious.

A liar may have displayed this behavior unconsciously in pieces in a few seconds, but keep your eyes without your knowledge may have captured and made a mean of them to take along the entire behavior unit and the suitability of their attention. What has been shown is a liar's body language, which appeared without his knowledge.

Nonverbal communication complements verbal communication in that without the former the latter did not give full meaning. Body language and verbal language go together without the knowledge of the original to reveal what was intended.

Verbal language can be manipulated but body language cannot. Body language reveals, having been conditioned to do so since it took the form of his body. Each one of us also unconsciously learns how to read the body language of others.

On the one hand, a skilled liar may lay the very convincing grounds, but on the other hand, he can look down on the floor to avoid direct eye contact with listeners or putting his fingers in his mouth or speak with reduced noise.