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Medical Spas – What Services Do They Provide in Honolulu?

Spas with a medical theme have highly skilled medical services that use advanced technology and medicines to produce the best results. Massage services are an essential part of a spa. These places often offer many different types of massages. These massages can be hot or deep-tissue, Shiatsu or pregnancy massage.

There are many facials that can be customized to suit your needs in a medical healthspa in Honolulu. Facials can even be customized for aromatherapy purposes. Botox injection can only be given by trained medical professionals. These injections can help you combat the effects of time and maintain your youthful appearance.

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One of the few injectable wrinkle fillers that are available at medspas is Restylane. Certified technicians are trained to perform resurfacing procedures such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and photo-facials. Laser Hair Removal can be used to remove unwanted hair. It is only performed by medical personnel.

Body contouring treatment involves smoothing cellulite, and other related issues. These less-invasive cosmetic procedures are becoming increasingly popular. Botox injections and wrinkle fillers are replacing actual plastic surgery. Body contouring treatments are taking over bariatric surgery. These procedures can be performed even during lunch.

These services are much more affordable than more invasive surgical procedures. Med spas are the best option for women who want to look younger and slimmer but don't want thousands of dollars in hospital bills. The med spa offers a luxurious environment that is not found in the traditional sterile doctor's offices. They offer a peaceful, relaxing retreat from the outside world.