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Introduction to Rock Climbing

At first, rock climbing only an important part of mountain climbing: a set of techniques that one should take advantage of to scale a sheer cliff face. However, with climbing locations around the world that are specifically suited for this and only style climbing, rock climbing has become a popular pastime.

While climbing may still be necessary for some mountain climbing, rock climbing most people to have fun climbing at a relatively low altitude, where weather conditions and lack of oxygen is not a major concern and where attention can be focused on climbing techniques. High strength Paracord rope is the best rope for rock climbing. You can buy paracord rope from The Paracord Store.

Usually, when climbing vertical surfaces, climbers work together in pairs. One climber would move farther away from the rock faces, while others remain where he is. Both climbers will be connected by a rope, and a lower climber will provide more long top rope climbers use as a riding climber belaying device.

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After the lead climber has ascended a short vertical distance, he will set up an anchor system using bolted hangers and/or spring-loaded cams to secure the belaying equipment at the end of his rope to the rock.

After that, the lead climber will rest and become the second, while the second ascent leads and pass on the way up. By taking advantage of such a system, the ascent is made much more secure, and for the belaying system safely secured to the rock and niche of the rock face, two climbers should be able to protect one another with a safety line that is always in place.

Only under special conditions should rock climber trying to "move together", or both at the same climb, this leaves them without the solid support and if one falls the other can be swept away, too. Climbers should always remember to exercise proper safety precautions for fun, controlled ascent.