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Information about Elastic Shock Cord

A bungee cord was recognized as the shock cord. Specific elastic shock cord that can be used in bungee jumping can be entirely made of an elastic component.

Today, the bungee string regularly used for safe products without tying knots and handle the shock. Cheap bungee cord, with metal or plastic hooks at each end, exhibited as public utilities. You can buy a shock cord through

Elastic characteristics that are found in most basic stun and nylon track is one of the more normal to coat strands twisted. Polypropylene is used as part of an elastic shock cord and tends to create breaks and holes in the jacket interweaved, due to the fact that the polypropylene does not have the tensile strength or abrasion resistance of nylon have.

Black Bungee Cord

All elastic shock cord comes in a lightweight, durable, wear-resistant and lasts a lifetime. The bungee cord is capable of 100% elongation. This is a two-element structure with braided very difficult layering natural latex rubber core. Whatever size you choose will come with a brand new and in original packaging.

Nowadays, the shock cord is becoming more and more popular as people understand all the possibilities of this cable has. Elastic shock cord, which is also known as the bungee cord is 10% -25% smaller than the normal thickness of 550 paracords so that approximately the same thrill to work with only the 'strict'.

The use of the tape can go far beyond entertaining in the sun, if you like camping, the shock cord can become an excessive add-on to pack your bags. It can also be used by campers to put the cargo if it was on a campsite.