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Import Truck Transmissions: What To Keep In Mind

Truck transmissions undergo significantly more wear-and-tear than their car counterparts and, consequently, require a much more nuanced maintenance approach. With the added weight of a truck, not to mention the times when you load up the body or tow, comes added resistance to the transmission which contributes to continual degradation.

Import truck transmissions have the additional component of often being quite different from domestic makes. There are many companies like trt that offer truck transmissions.

With an import truck, it's important to maintain your vehicle regularly and make notes of irregular noises and/or difficulties in shifting as this often indicates a broader transmission issue. As part of maintaining your vehicle, it's important to have an amicable relationship with your transmission specialist and make sure they are a knowledgeable transmission technician.

Import trucks are often lighter and smaller in size then their domestic counterparts, which often means drastically different clutch and transmission systems that, if not maintained and service properly, can dramatically shorten your truck's lifespan. It's important to understand the proper fluids your import truck requires as this varies across brands.

While automatic transmissions tend to be easier to drive, they take a greater toll on your truck's performance and, consequently, require more service and maintenance than manual vehicles.

Transmissions are important to every vehicle, regardless of size and use. However, transmissions for trucks are particularly important because of the costs associated with a complete transmission overhaul. This is even more important for import vehicles because standard transmission shops may lack the necessary parts to efficiently and promptly fix your vehicle.