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How to Find a Good, Reliable Domestic Window Cleaner

Residential window cleaners often have a bad reputation for being unreliable. This article will help you find one and, most importantly, assess that they will serve you well and are honest and trustworthy.

 This should always be your first port of call. To prevent Domestic Cleaners In Bristol & Bath you can opt for various cleaning services like window cleaning.

Other obvious places to look for window cleaners include the local newspaper, local window displays, parish magazines, and other local directories. Local phone books and the Internet are also good options.


ACS Specialist Cleaning

Ask them how long they have worked in this industry. Ask where they live. Ask them if they clean other houses on their street. Always check to make sure they are secured and check how they will access certain hard-to-reach windows without the risk of damaging tiles, flowers, etc.

Ask them if they'll also clean all their sills, frames, and doors (this is always preferable, the overall effect looks much better than clean panels with dirty black frames).

The more professional they appear to be, the more likely someone is to be trusted by you. The people who give you a cheap shabby card show that they don't take too much pride in their business and this is most likely reflected in their service.

A good professional image usually indicates that you will receive a professional job. This has been my observation for the past 10 years in this business.