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How Often Should You Have Your Drains Professionally Cleaned?

If you wish to keep your drains clear and functional, regular cleaning of your drains is essential. For sewer lines, basement drains as well as other larger drains, experts suggest periodic inspections every two to three years based on the distance of the typical obstructions such as roots and the condition of the drain system. This can greatly assist you to extend the life of your drains as well as drain pipes.

The drains may become blocked due to various reasons, but most commonly because of the accumulation of things such as hair, grease, and dirt. The most commonly used remedy by homeowners to get rid of drains is cleaning chemicals for drains. Many homeowners also consider hiring drains cleaners to do professional drainage cleaning.

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It is as simple as you pour the solution down the drain, and let it sit for a time. Be aware that this method presents a number of health risks for any person who utilizes it. Chemical drain openers can be inherently corrosive and carry the possibility of causing damage to any area in the human skin, or body that comes into contact with them. 

The fumes produced by these chemicals are extremely potent and could cause serious harm in the respiratory system. The damage to the respiratory tract could be permanent and happen quickly and without you even realizing it. A situation requiring emergency drain cleaning can be a major headache for homeowners. 

Your main sewer line may be clogged by particles that other drains in your home get swept into, and also through tree roots which penetrate pipe joints through the soil around.