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Healthcare Social Media Marketing

It has been exciting to see healthcare organizations embracing social media marketing in the last year. Social media marketing can be a great way to connect with your target market, including your patients, referral sources, and their families. 

I'm glad to see that healthcare organizations are adapting their marketing plans to include social strategies beyond traditional collateral brochures and face-to-face marketing. If you are also interested in promoting your business through social media then you can visit here.

Online Reputation Management - MedTech Momentum

We have worked with many healthcare clients and noticed a common theme when we spoke with them. Many are having difficulty getting things off the ground. Pushback is a problem that has plagued many healthcare clients.

Here are some reasons healthcare organizations should not wait to launch a social media campaign.

1. Facebook isn't just for Starbucks. Facebook's millions of users mean that there is a lot of people you can interact with through your healthcare organization. These people consume information from all categories, not just mega-brands.

2. Twitter is another active and large community. You should be part of it!

3. There's a LinkedIn Group for you. Adding your hospital to LinkedIn is an important step. LinkedIn Groups allow you to interact with potential patients/customers based on their location and subject matter, and keep them in touch on a daily basis. 

4. YouTube is the best place to promote your healthcare company. It is crucial to be able to demonstrate the capabilities of your company and the skills of your products or team. Imagine being able to place your video on YouTube, the second most popular search engine.