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Explore Vienna -The Capital Of Culture

Feb 4, 2020 Travel and Leisure

Vienna is much more than simply the political capital of Austria.  It also functions as the nation's cultural centre, showcasing a number of Europe's greatest classical and art music.


Fantastic history is present in over memory in Vienna, with the gorgeous architecture preserving the town's interesting heritage amongst its historical walls. The Hofburg Imperial Palace stands as a tribute to this powerful Habsburg dynasty and still functions within this grandiose home of the Austrian Presidency. You can even explore Vienna heritage with the help of travel guides from companies such as for your travel to Vienna.

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Musical Heritage

Brahms, Schubert, Strauss, Beethoven, Mozart – the listing of great names that have spent a number of the most creative phases in Vienna is outstanding and the contemporary city has retained its own musical appeal and quality.

Most hostels in Vienna are located in the area of a number of the town's most renowned musical places, including the Country Opera House, Academy Theatre and Musikverein Concert Hall, all which date back past the 19th century into the classical age where they left their title.

Art Galleries

Vienna's cultural offerings don't finish with architecture and music – town is also home to quite a few world-class galleries that observe the national art scene. 

A range of functions by Symbolist painter Gustav Klimt, a few of which were filmed for display in the town's public buildings, are available at the Museum of Applied Arts and Belvedere.