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Enhance Knowledge With Chemistry Textbooks

Chemistry is considered an uninteresting subject. Not many students like to study it in school since it involves a thorough understanding of matter and scientific changes in the structure, composition properties, and behavior of the matter.

There are various areas of studies like organic study, inorganic study, biochemical study, physical study, and the recent one, the study of the nervous system. You can also buy O level chemistry guide book via

There are several concepts to this study. An understanding of these concepts is essential to understand the subject of Chemistry. Here is an overview of the different concepts used while studying this subject.

Concepts Used In Chemistry

Atom – An atom is the basic unit of chemistry. It contains protons and neutrons that balance the positive charge of an atom. Several books provide information about this part of science. These books are available online and you can also get them at discounted rates. The used textbook site offers a reduced price.

Element – Chemical elements refer to the substance. The number of protons found in nuclei of atoms constitutes an element. There are several elements like carbon and uranium. There are 94 different chemical elements based on the number of protons.

Compound – Certain elements exist in combination in a ratio, which is referred to as a compound. For instance, water is a compound made up of a combination of hydrogen and oxygen.

Substance – Substance has a definite composition and set of properties. Most of the substances are a mixture, for example, air, alloys, and biomass.