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EHR And Clinical Decision Support

Clinical Decision Support – it means different things to different individuals.  It's a rather large category that's meant to include all of the ways that best-practices in medication can be delivered in a timely and effective means to patients. If you want to explore regarding the ehr system, then visit

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Healthcare Information and Management Systems (HIMSS) defines clinical decision support as"a procedure for enhancing health-related physician decisions and activities with relevant, organized clinical knowledge and patient information to improve health." 

HIMSS source? The sort of information decision support provides could range from general clinical wisdom and advice to more patient particular sorts of information, or a mixture of both. From the electronic health record (EHR), it can be offered through information displays, reference information or in the kind of medical alerts.

First case of clinical decision support that HIMSS provides is when a doctor in private practice that uses an electronic health record perspectives a dash of preventative care measures suggested for a patient at the start of a visit.  

These steps might include things like the flu vaccine, a colon cancer screening or cholesterol shots, in addition to items that are due for the individual depending on the patient's age, medical history and the drug list that's stored in the EHR. 

Another sort of clinical decision support built into EHR applications is one that alarms physicians about drug allergies and dangerous drug interactions. The alerts are supplied to the physician if he or she's writing out prescriptions.